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Why Japanese Head Spa?

Have you ever wondered why Japanese-style head spa has been so highly regarded?

In Japan, shampooing techniques are rigorously trained in most salons.

This is not only to provide exceptional hospitality to customers but also because shampooing is considered a relaxation technique.

I believe that the time spent during shampooing should be the most exquisite moment in the salon.

From applying pressure to soothing pressure points on the head, to ensuring the perfect water temperature and providing just the right amount of massage pressure, we focus on every detail to offer our customers the best experience.

We aim to create a space in the salon where customers can experience the perfect blend of comfort, aroma, relaxation, and self-reflection—a space that provides the essential elements needed in life.

This is our mission, our goal.

We will strive to provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

CEO Hase

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