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Scalp Improvement Plan
(3 Session Pack)

This service aims to focus on improving the scalp. It is said that it takes at least 3 months to improve the condition of the scalp, even taking into account the skin turnover period. Moreover, what is important is "how to care for it." 


In this session, we will determine the direction for improvement, provide nutrients necessary for the scalp through a head spa, and also include a hair care set for you to use at home.  This session period requires you to perform home care yourself, as it is a plan to improve the scalp over the long term.


To address concerns such as getting rid of dandruff or relieving itchiness, we will provide recommendations after counselling on what kind of care you usually perform. 

We believe it is necessary to understand your regular maintenance routine in order to provide you with the best solution.


During the treatment period, we ask that you try the recommended hair care routine and understand that it is an intensive process to achieve improvement.


Focused scalp improvement​


Providing nutrients to the scalp through a head spa


Proposing solutions to the client's concerns based on counseling



Improving scalp condition requires around 3 months


Providing a hair care set for the client's home care


Practicing the recommended hair care routine and understanding the improvement process during the treatment period

  • Scalp Improvement Plan (3 Session Pack)

    This course includes three sessions of head massage, wash & blow-dry, products for scalp improvement
    Valid for 3 months

Cancellation Policy

- We value your time and understand that unexpected situations may arise. We kindly request that you provide us with at least 24 hours' notice for cancellations or changes.
- We are flexible and will accommodate changes whenever possible to suit your convenience.
- However, please note that if a no-show occurs once, online booking will not be available for subsequent appointments. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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