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The Essence of Care for the Scalp"

Hello everyone,

With daylight saving time now in effect, it's starting to feel more like autumn, isn't it? Did you all sweat a lot during the summer?

Sweating is the ultimate detox. By expelling waste and excess fluids, metabolism increases, leading to improved immune function, increased energy, and the potential for better skin. Sweating also helps to clear the mind, providing stress relief.

I've heard from some people that making sweating a habit has helped them enjoy each day more comfortably.


Now, it's essential to take care of your skin after sweating. Sweat carries sebum, and leaving it on the skin can lead to irritation and odor. Therefore, post-detox cleanliness is crucial.

Using a microscope, it's easy to see how much sebum has accumulated on the scalp. Maintaining cleanliness is vital for daily health management.

I hope that through our hair salon, we can offer assistance in maintaining scalp health. If you have any scalp concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime. Let's work together to find solutions!

Recently, interior construction has finally begun. Stay tuned for further updates.

Our crowdfunding campaign is also in its final stretch. We are grateful for everyone's warm support.

CEO Hase

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