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The Effectiveness of Head Massage Based on Research

Today, I would like to share the importance of massage based on the results of a study conducted in South Korea in 2019.

In South Korea's aging society, married women are increasingly entering the labor market, leading to greater participation of women in socio-economic activities. Particularly in office jobs, there is a significant influx of female workers, accompanied by various health risks due to poor working postures and mental stress. Excessive stress negatively impacts both mental and physical health and affects organizational performance, thus highlighting the need for easily applicable stress therapy programs.

Massage has therapeutic effects on various body functions, promoting both local and overall circulation and enhancing natural healing capabilities. Studies have shown that 10 to 20 minutes of scalp massage is appropriate and positively influences stress hormones and heart rate.

Based on this evidence, I want to emphasize the importance of massage. It is particularly effective for treating stress in female office workers. Simple to implement, massage helps relieve physical and mental fatigue, contributing to improved health and quality of life.

Incorporating short scalp massages into your busy workday can reduce stress and refresh your mind and body.

Please consider integrating massage into your daily routine to experience its benefits.

This will help you lead a healthier life and improve productivity.


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