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Let's take a closer look at hair and scalp together!

Hair is made up of three layers:

  1. Medulla - The innermost layer

  • Consists of unstructured protein

  • Makes up about 1/3 of the hair's diameter

  1. Cortex - The middle layer

  • Formed by many protein filaments

  • The main section that gives hair its strength and flexibility

  1. Cuticle - The outermost layer

  • Consists of overlapping flat cells made of keratin

  • Provides protection and shine to the hair

The main component of hair is protein, especially a fibrous protein called keratin. The color of hair is determined by the melanin pigment found in the cortex.

In this way, hair has a complex three-layer structure, with each layer playing a different role in maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

Hair and the scalp have a close relationship and influence each other.

The scalp is the base from which hair grows out of the hair follicles. A healthy scalp is extremely important for growing strong, shiny hair.

The scalp contains hair follicles, which are the organs that grow hair, surrounded by blood vessels.

Hair grows due to the supply of nutrients and oxygen from these blood vessels to the follicles.

On the other hand, if there are issues with the scalp, it can negatively impact hair growth and quality.

For example:

  • Excessive tension of the scalp can lead to poor blood circulation, hindering nutrient supply to the follicles

  • Inflammation of the scalp can damage the follicles

  • Dandruff and aging of the scalp can also affect follicle health

If the scalp environment deteriorates, it reduces the hair's conditioning and growth abilities.

Conversely, proper scalp care helps improve nutrient supply to the follicles, enhancing hair quality.

Since hair health is predicated on scalp health, hair and the scalp are inseparably linked.

Maintaining a balanced care routine for both is crucial.

Let's study hair and the scalp more in-depth together!


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