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Introducing the Pinnacle of Shampoo Stations: Takara Belmont's YUME Series

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Hello, everyone!

Today, I am thrilled to introduce the pièce de résistance of the shampoo stations that we plan to incorporate into our salon—the Takara Belmont's YUME Series.

introduce basin
YUME shampoo

What I aim to achieve in this salon is the perfect combination of 'ultimate relaxation' and 'preventative healthcare.' While hair salons have traditionally focused on hairstyling, I've always believed in offering something more—a higher level of value.

I envision hair salons as 'spaces of solace,' where every client leaves saying, 'I'm glad I came today!' That's the goal I've set for our salon, and it's what I'm committed to delivering.

From the very beginning, there was one piece of equipment I knew we had to have—the 'YUME Series,' the pinnacle of Japanese-made shampoo stations.

As you can see from the photos, it offers complete relaxation with its fully reclining design. I invite each of you to experience it firsthand and discover its exceptional qualities.

While we are still in the preparatory stages, I ask for your patience and eagerly await your anticipation. Your support is a constant source of motivation for me.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you!

Hase (CEO)

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