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Introducing Our Commitment to Excellence

In this second installment of our blog, I would like to share a particular aspect that I’m deeply passionate about in my salon.

Over my 16-year career as a hairstylist, I’ve come to realize something significant—when clients come in to have their hair beautifully styled, it’s also crucial to provide maintenance for their minds.

In today’s fast-paced world, people find themselves caught up in the hustle and bustle, leaving little time for self-reflection and self-care.

I believe in offering a sanctuary where individuals can unwind and have a moment of tranquility. The time spent getting their hair done can be the perfect opportunity for this.

One of our main objectives is to ensure that we provide a service that truly values your valuable time. That’s why I am excited to introduce our new addition—the YUME NOBLE, a premium model from the top-tier Japanese-made ‘YUME Shampoo’ series. This shampoo station can recline fully, and it comes with a heated seat, embodying the epitome of hospitality and care.

Despite the significant time it took to import and incorporate, I am genuinely thrilled that we can offer the YUME NOBLE shampoo station experience right here in New Zealand.

It’s an embodiment of luxury and comfort, aimed at enhancing not only your hair but your overall well-being.

As we steadily progress toward the opening of our salon, I want to express my gratitude for your unwavering support. It’s a journey that I’m deeply committed to, and I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you.

Thank you for joining me once again on this blog journey. Our dedication to providing the best service possible is at the core of everything we do. Stay tuned as we continue to prepare for the grand opening, and your encouragement means the world to us.

Warm regards,

Hase (CEO)

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