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Get to know yourself with a Microscope!!!

Kia ora everyone!

I'd like to share some recent updates with you all. We are currently conducting tests on various prototypes to enhance the quality of our services. We're exploring new approaches from different perspectives to determine what truly contributes to improving our customers' health awareness.

Understanding the health of one's scalp is a challenging task for individuals themselves. Our role is to perform checks, provide guidance on daily care, and offer feedback. Currently, we are actively observing the condition of scalps using a micro-scope.

Issues like clogged pores and the overall condition of the scalp can only be identified through careful observation. Proper hair and scalp care methods cannot be fully learned at home. We aim to convey the importance of daily actions as building blocks for self-care and disease prevention.

We dream of the day when we can assist you with your scalp concerns. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


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