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Finally, The Health Tech Challenge 2023 Is Here!

Kia ora everyone!

Next week marks the commencement of the Canterbury University Business Program, 'Health Tech Challenge 2023.' I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the future I aspire to achieve as a hairstylist and why I'm venturing into healthcare.

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During my tenure at the healthcare venture company, FiNC Technologies, in Japan, I came to understand the complexity of preventing diseases. The challenge lies in the fact that no one knows when or which illness they might contract. Targeted prevention of specific diseases demands significant effort and proves to be exceedingly challenging.

The value of staying disease-free is undoubtedly crucial in life. But do you know how to prevent illnesses effectively? Have you ever wondered why cancer develops? What habits might lead to lifestyle diseases? What are the health assessments available today?

The truth is, there are numerous preventive measures you can start taking today. However, the lack of time and exposure to this information and knowledge remains a significant obstacle.

As hairstylists who regularly meet people, we have a unique opportunity to acquire this knowledge and share it with our valued clients. I am deeply committed to this mission.

I encourage each one of you to focus on your health and cherish your lives. There is so much we can do to safeguard our well-being, starting today.

I also look forward to leveraging the insights gained from this program to deliver the best services to all of you. Please stay tuned for more updates here.

Thank you!

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