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Empowering Preventative Healthcare: My Learnings from the Health Tech Challenge

I am currently immersed in learning through the Canterbury University's Business Program, the 'Health Tech Challenge.'

My fundamental goal through this journey is to create opportunities for people to embrace preventative healthcare and engage with their health on a personal level.

By reshaping the norms of a hair salon and imbuing it with values beyond just beautiful hair, I believe it can become an even more essential part of people's lives.

Through this program, I've learned to adopt a multifaceted perspective that challenges conventional thinking and delves deeper into what our customers truly seek, uncovering many things I wouldn't have realized otherwise.

I aim to make our salon a place that brings immense joy to all of you and will continue to pursue learning and innovation.

I believe your ongoing support will be crucial in this journey.

Here's to the unexpected and wonderful discoveries that await us, as SERENDIPITY strives to deliver them to our clients.

Hase (CEO)

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