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I want this to be a place where you feel glad you came today.

At SERENDIPITY+, our goal is not just to make you look pretty and beautiful.

We strive to create a place where you feel glad you came, both in life and in this very moment.

The name SERENDIPITY+ is inspired by the Japanese concept of "一期一会" (Ichigo Ichie), which means "once in a lifetime encounter."

Health is deeply connected to beauty.

Staying healthy means knowing the potential for illness early and taking steps to prevent it.

The scalp check we offer at our salon is crucial for self-reflection.

It’s something everyone can easily do, and by recognizing its importance, we can identify and address critical issues.

What can a scalp check reveal?

  • The degree of skin dryness

  • Presence of dandruff

  • Scalp color (redness is a warning sign)

  • New growths that were not there before

These are all things that you typically can’t check on your own.

We are not just a massage Hair Salon.

We are a salon dedicated to supporting each customer’s life and well-being.

I aim to spread awareness of our services across New Zealand.

This is my mission for the latter half of my life.

We are almost ready to open, and I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you.

Best regards,

CEO Hase

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